Thursday, April 10, 2008

Commitment (part 2)

Last week we began a conversation about commitment and Ruth. Hopefully you were able to sit down sometime and read through Ruth. Great book! This week we turn to Jesus and His commitments.

Jesus Commitment
I am certain that Jesus struggled in His commitments. He was fully human and experienced everything humans experience. He prayed in Gethsemane to the Father, asking Him to take this cup from him if it was possible (Luke 22:39-46). But Jesus is fully submitted to the Father and carrying out His will. It is interesting that Jesus would even talk about such a struggle if He were fully committed to following through with it anyways. Could there have been another way? A good point from this event in Jesus’ life is that although we make commitments, we may still struggle with following through with them, even if we are fully committed to them.

If you get a chance, read through the book of Ruth. It shouldn’t take you long because it’s only 4 chapters! A very quick read. A very amazing story of humans showing the type of commitment God shows to us every day.

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