Saturday, April 07, 2012

We had a wonderful Good Friday service yesterday.  It's so hard to try and be somber when we Christians know Sunday is coming!  Nonetheless, we tried our best to focus on Jesus' death on the cross. 

Tomorrow we have a combination of a cantata and preaching.  The message will based on Luke's account of the resurrection (see Luke 24).  One particular verse grabs my attention,

"but when they went in they did not find
the body of the Lord Jesus." 

It's been said by really smart people that all of Christianity hinges on the empty tomb and Jesus' resurrection.  If so, that demands a response from us.  Have you responded to Him?  Why not investigate Jesus for yourself like Luke did (Luke 1:1-4)? 

My prayer is that God will draw men and women to Himself this Easter season.  May our church buildings be full of people tomorrow from every tribe and language to hear the Good News about our risen Savior.  May we be mindful enough to share and proclaim Him.