Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Snakey Dialogue (Genesis 3)

Adam and Eve hanging out in the Garden of Eden having a good ol' time! Then, out of the lush vegetation…a talking snake slips onto the scene and begins to question them; singling out Eve.

Snake: Hey! What's up Adam and Eve?
Adam & Eve: (Taken back and surprised a little by a talking snake) Huh!
Snake: Hey Eve, what's up?
Eve: Not much, just chillin and enjoying this beautiful day in this beautiful place.
Snake: Really? You and Adam are enjoying it here? Huh. Seems with all the rules and regulations that God has imposed on you that it would feel a bit…umm…restricting. I mean, is God serious about you not eating from any tree here?
Adam: (Contemplating the whole scene and remaining very quiet)
Eve: We can eat from all the trees, well, except the one in the middle of the Garden. God told Adam if he, I mean we, eat from it we'll die. I guess I'm not even supposed to touch it.
Serpent: Really? That's hilarious because there's no way you'll die just from eating fruit from a tree is there?
Eve: (Contemplating)
Adam: (Contemplating with a confused look on his face)
Serpent: You know what I think?
Eve: (Curious) What?
Serpent: I think that when you eat from this tree (stares at it for a moment), you'll become just like God. You'll know good and evil both!
Eve: What's evil?
Adam: (Still quietly contemplating things with a confused look on his face)
Serpent: It's something…uh…well…uhh…well it's something God knows. You mean to tell me he has kept something from you? Shocking! That seems kind of odd that he would keep something from you…doesn't it?
Eve: (Begins staring at the tree) Yeah, it does. I mean this fruit looks very good. I think it could help me learn something new too. (She reaches out and grabs it and pulls it close to her mouth)
Adam: (Still quietly contemplating while Eve hands him a piece of the forbidden fruit)
Serpent: (Grinning from ear to ear) *Do snakes have ears?
Adam & Eve: (Both bite into the juicy fruit (not the gum) of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and begin blushing at the realization they're standing around naked)

What do you think about the serpent of old's (aka the Devil) tactics in tempting man and woman? He's sly isn't he? How would you retell the temptation of Adam and Eve?

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Random thoughts on Genesis by teenagers

Last night we continued studying Genesis chapter 2. We've been hanging out there for a while (there's a lot to learn). I let my students share their thoughts last night and here's what they had to say: Hope you enjoy!

Man was first. Woman was second. God created earth.
- Makayla

I learned that God created us in his image so we are important. At first I thought who cares, people are going to hell. But I guess everyone is important and that we should try even though in Bluffton it’s very discouraging. I’m also learning more about myself and how I truly feel about things, but I’m glad we’re doing this because the topics are coming up and I’m trying to really understand things and not just blow them over. Even to change my view to what God wants and I’m trying to change my attitude a little bit.
- Rebecca

Man was first. When man and woman were created they were naked.
- Anonymous

I learned that woman was created by a man’s rib.
- Anonymous

God created dinosaurs. The world hasn’t been around for millions of years.
- Anonymous

I learned a lot of neat things from the Bible. I learned about the creation of man and woman and their fall to the dark side.
- Andrew

I learned in Genesis that Adam and Eve were not ashamed to be there. Genesis is also about how God created earth.
- Anonymous

So far I’ve learned a lot of things that God created that I had no clue he did. I learned more about Adam and Eve that was really cool for to learn about.
- Katie

Woman was made from man and they could eat from any tree except one.
- Anonymous

God created Eve by the pieces of Adam.
- Brandon

God created us in his image. He gave us everything on earth. When he saw that man was lonely, he cared enough to make woman.
Laundry is a result of the Fall.
- Janella

It’s not that I learned anything new, it’s that I enjoyed discussing Genesis with the youth group.
- Anonymous

The world was created in Genesis.
- Brooke

I learned how dinosaurs were created and destroyed.
- Kory

Thursday, November 09, 2006


What an incredible day yesterday was! We had the chance to see our baby using the new 4D ultrasound technology. It gives an actual 3D picture of the baby (I have video footage to prove it).

It was silent in the room while we transfixed our eyes on the TV monitors. Squirming before our very eyes was our tiny 4½-month-old baby. The doctor said she had big cheeks! She also advised us to buy some roller skates because our kid was nonstop moving around. The technology allowing us to look at our baby was fascinating, but the baby herself (not a slip, we’re having a girl) was indescribable. I thought of Genesis 1:26-27 where God makes man and woman in His own image. Part of being made in God’s image is our ability to create life. I’m blown away at life and how priceless it is.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Rest (Genesis 2:1-3)

Well, the past two weeks have been crazy! I apologize for not posting a new post last week. Things have picked up at work, school, and home. Most of you know my wife is pregnant, our first. Well, we find out in a week the sex of our baby. Needless to say we’re excited! We really don’t prefer a boy to a girl or vice versa, we’re just happy to be having a baby! We’re fulfilling God’s mandate in Genesis 1 to be fruitful and multiply.

Genesis 2:1-3 is a continuation of the creation story started in Genesis 1. This passage talks about the completion of God’s work and the rest God takes on the seventh day. Verse 2 reads,

By the seventh day God completed His work which He had done, and He rested on the seventh day from all His work which He had done.

God’s world was done. Everything was perfect. Everything was in its proper place and performing its proper function. Can you imagine such a world? Then we move from creating and working to rest. Can you imagine God resting? Someone asked once, “Doesn’t He have to like always be doing something?” Well, Scripture would tell us, “no!” God worked hard for six days and then rested. He did nothing! Genesis even goes on to say in verse 3,

God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it, because in it He rested from all His work which God had created and made.

So, we have a day where God is not doing anything and He blesses this day and makes it holy.

Questions to ponder:
- What do you think about God resting?
- Why did He do it?
- If you believe we’re made in His image, what does this teach us about ourselves?
- Does this passage of Scripture bother you? If so, how?
- Do you rest each week?

*I sure could use some rest!