Saturday, December 31, 2011

We took a day off from studying Revelation yesterday.  I did look again at verses 1-4 in chapter one.  Love the prologue! 

This Sunday I begin a mini-series (2 weeks) on the top 10 things to commit to for 2012.  This Sunday we are looking at just 5 of those.  They are:

1.  Read through the entire Bible
2.  Memorize new scriptures
3.  Become a member of our church
4.  Help 1 person become a follower of Jesus
5.  Invest your life in somone else's

I think these are some great things to commit to for the New Year!  For the first one, (read through the entire Bible) Olivet Nazarene University was gracious to give me 200 Bible reading plans that tuck nicely into a Bible.  Thanks Olivet!  We will pass these out to whoever would like to commit to reading through the Bible this coming year and wants a reading plan.  They are nice reading plans and mix things up a little so you aren't doing just a straight read through. 

I'll be back back next week with more thoughts on Revelation. 

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