Thursday, December 15, 2011

Studying the book of Revelation with a friend from church this morning.  Excited!  Great things in store.  Is Revelation an ignored book in your church?  Why is it that the only ones in churches talking about Revelation are the crazy ones who seem to be just concerned about the rapture and the global wars that are soon to take place?  Is this what Revelation is concerned with?    

This morning we hung out on verse 1 (really the first part of verse 1), "The revelation of/from Jesus Christ."  My reminder in this first part of Revelation is that this book is all about Jesus as the Lamb slain.  He is the central figure of the book.  The Christians in John's day needed an encouraging message.  They needed a fresh vision of God and His kingdom to keep them going and seeking Him amidst suffering and persecution.  Revelation gives them that.  It gives them/us a fresh vision of Jesus.  I'm excited and pray that God would give me a fresh vision of Jesus. 

More details to come...   

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