Saturday, April 04, 2009

Day 23/Chapter 23

I was hoping to be done with my study and reading of Deuteronomy by tomorrow (Palm Sunday). This was a part of my fasting and meditating upon Christ for the 40 days of Lent. I’m obviously not going to finish. Not that I won’t finish reading Deuteronomy, but I am going to take a break from hacking and slashing my way through this wonderful book. Plus, my wife and I will be having our second child on Monday. Can't wait! She migt be a little upset if she finds me blogging! This next week I’m going to go back to the normal Thursday posting.

(23:1-8) This section continues the regulations concerning worship. In this section God deals with men who are emasculated. One thing I wasn’t sure of was if this for men who intentionally did this or it happened accidentally? The NLT uses some pretty bold and clear language here in regards to this verse and what it is trying to say. I’ve been enjoying the NLT translation of Deuteronomy. I would recommend anyone wanting to read through this book to do it in the NLT. It makes a complex book a lot more clear and easy to read. God gives specific names of groups of people he does not want the Israelites worshipping with. Maybe I should say these people are not to be admitted to the “assembly of the LORD.” Why is this so? Because these nations did not help Israel after they left Egypt. Instead they cursed them.

(9-25) This section is titled “Miscellaneous Regulations” in the NLT. It deals with various other rule and regulations God wants the Israelites to follow. The crux of the matter is in verse 9. God wants the Israelites to stay away from anything that would cause them to become impure. God is giving the Israelites every possible chance (He’s covering all the different things they would need rule and laws in) to follow Him and His regulations. He does not want them to miss out on the quality of life they are to live. It would be interesting to explore in more detail each of these regulations and why they were so important. That may be a future project. We will see.

I hope you continue reading God’s Word daily and soak up His words for your life.