Thursday, January 06, 2011

helpful Bible study technique

Here is something I’m planning on really committing to this year.

I’m using the NLT Study Bible to aid me in my read through of the entire Bible. I’m not so much reading the NLT Bible as I am reading their book introductions for each book (then I read the Scripture out of my TNIV). This is a fantastic study Bible (NLTSB) and a secret weapon for me as a preacher and teacher of God’s Word. There is so much good and useful information presented in an easy-to-read format. Pairing this with the easy-to-read translation of the NLT has made for the perfect match. Anyways, I’m taking what I learn from the intros in the NLTSB and rewriting them as a book profile in my TNIV. It’s nothing long, but just a quick snapshot of the basics (who, what, where, when, why) for each book of the Bible.

For example, here is the profile (including an outline) I created for 1 Kings (I write this at the top right corner of my TNIV). This is what it looks like in my Bible (should have put a pic here).

Celebrates Solomon’s reign as king. Also warns of preoccupation with luxury, fame, self, and security. 1 Kings concerned with Israel’s spiritual condition and the covenant they have with the Lord. Date: After 586 BC (1 Kings covers the period of 973 BC to 853 BC).

1-11 Solomon’s reign as King
12-16:4 Early Divided Kingdom
16:3-22 Israel’s 3rd Dynasty

The reason I like creating a profile and outline for each books is that it helps me learn it. I have to create an introduction and outline and put it in my own words and I remember it better. This is making good use of all the information packed into the NLTSB. I’m hoping as I read through the entire Bible this year to make my own introductions for each book and write them down.

Any thoughts on this method?
Do you do anything like this to help you study the Bible?


Nelsman said...

I like this. I have been reading the intros in my NLT study bible too and the extra background has helped to tie together some of the events, people and places for me.

Anonymous said...

They really do have some of the best intros. I've looked at several other study Bibles and what they offer and NLT beats them all by a large margin.

Praying you keep diving into God's Word Nelson. :-)

T <><