Thursday, January 13, 2011

Time with God

I have been studying Mark 1:35-39 in anticipation of preaching on it. I got sick the night I was supposed to preach so never had that chance. Now I have a sermon in by back pocket ready to go. So, I thought I would share a bit of what I've been learning in this passage here. Actually this is just a look at verse 35.

Verse 35
The scripture tells us it is very early in the morning, in fact it is still dark out. Jesus wakes up and goes off by Himself to a solitary (lonely) place to pray.

This is at the beginning of Jesus’ ministry that Mark mentions this in his Gospel. Why? I think he wants us to know Jesus’ commitment to time with God and prayer. This is a key characteristic of Jesus – One who spends time with God and who prays. Listen to what these other scriptures say about Jesus:
- Matthew 14:23 – Jesus goes off alone to spend time with God and pray.
- Luke 5:16 – He withdrew often to lonely places to spend time with God and pray.
- Mark 8:6 – Prayer before feeding the 4,000.
- Matthew 26:36 – Spending time with God and praying at Gethsemane.
- John 17 – Prayer for disciples and us.

Time with God and prayer are key components of Jesus’ life. This is why He can speak as if He knows what God the Father is up to because He does. Time with God and prayer are evidence of a relationship.

- If someone were to evaluate your life would you be described as a person who spends time with God and who prays?
- How important is it for you to spend time with God each day?
- How important is prayer to you and to your day?
- Does your family see you spending time with God
- Do they see you as a prayer warrior?
- Do they know that you spend time with God and in prayer?
- Do they come to you and ask you for advice on how to spend time with God and how to pray?

Here’s my advice if you want to become a person who spends time with God and prays: Practice it! Mark off a time during the day or week in your calendar when you will do it (even if it’s only 5 minutes!). Ask someone to hold you accountable to times with God and prayer. Start a time with God and/or prayer journal where you write down your experiences and/or prayers and how God answers them. To not practice it would be like wanting to ride a bike all your life and not ever getting on one.

Any thoughts to add?

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