Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sex (part 1)

We are kicking off a 4-week series on sex in youth group this week. Here are several of the points to be discussed.

- God created our sexuality when He made us in His image and likeness and made us male and female.

- God created sex.

- God designed sex to be a good thing within the confines of marriage.

- Marriage between a man and a woman can/should last a lifetime.

- Like other good things (e.g., being able to drive), sex must have boundaries to keep it healthy and safe.

- We find God’s boundaries for sex in our Bible.

- God is willing to listen to us talk about our frustrations, our questions, and any confusion we have over sex. He is also willing to guide us into truth about sex.

At the closing we wrote a thank you letter to God for His gift of sex. Here is mine.

Thank you God for creating men and women. I thank you that we are different. I thank you for the marriage relationship we can have with one person for the rest of our lives. I thank you for the gift of sex. I pray I am a good steward of Your gift and never do anything to show you disrespect or contempt. You were a genius when You created sex. It’s a beautiful thing and may I always remember that. I thank You for thinking of us when You gave us the unique gift of sex. Thanks!

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Shell*Belle said...

Good post bro!! :) I think that would be a tough topic to discuss. So many people try to pervert sex and make it into a bad thing. However, what they forget is that you're right, God created it and everything God created is good!

Cute picture!! :) I wish I could see that little girl right now! :) Give her a kiss for me!