Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sex (part 2)

Ever have your perspective changed? By perspective I mean your view or stance on something.

On a mission trip several years ago we went to a state park on one of our off days. There was a trail there that led 3.5 miles up a mountain. Several of us (myself and some teens in the youth group) decided to hike it. I was with a couple guys (Dion, Chris, Jon) as I hiked and climbed (we kept each other encouraged and pushed each other to go further). The view from the bottom was kind of bland. There were some interesting trees to look at and you could look out over the lake too (I was looking for fish!), but nothing really out of the ordinary to see. However, once we hiked to the top of the mountain, our perspective changed. We were no longer limited to just trees and the lake. Now we were looking down on the trees and the lake. You could see the whole countryside. It was a breathtaking view!

There’s a more recent time in my life where I noticed change in my perspective. I used to be able to listen to someone talk about the gruesome procedure known as partial birth abortion. I had my first child (a girl) three weeks ago and now when I hear someone talking about any type of abortion procedure I get queasy and have to turn the radio station or TV channel. My perspective has been forever changed.

God’s Word, if we let it, can change our perspective about a myriad of things. Take the whole issue of sex we’ve been discussing. I never knew how positive a stance the Bible took in regards to sex. From the Scriptures you would think God wants us to enjoy sex. Song of Songs, a poetry book in the Old Testament, is all about sex and love. There isn’t one mention of God, sin, salvation, or prayer in the entire book! Can you believe that? Why? Well, God is the designer of our sexuality and God is love. Real love originates from Him. If it weren’t for Him, we wouldn’t have a clue as to what real love is. This book takes delight in God’s gift of sex, sexuality, and love. It reveals to us that there is such a thing as holy sex. Sex isn’t a naughty little three-letter word. God never intended it to become that. Sex is a gift from God to be enjoyed within the confines of marriage (between a man and woman; you have to clarify that nowadays). You should read Song of Songs sometime this week. If you have a negative view towards sex maybe you need your perspective changed.
Your thoughts?

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