Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Noah (Conclusion pointing towards the return of Jesus)

Whenever God does something big in the history of humanity He lets us know about it. He tells us. He may not give us the specific details (e.g., time, date, place), but He warns us that something is going to happen. Take the flood for example; God warned Noah that He was going to flood the earth. He even helped Noah build the ark by giving him the instructions/blueprints for it. The people living around Noah had a chance to believe in Noah and what he was doing and be saved, but they didn’t listen.

There’s another big event in the history of humanity God has warned us about. It’s the return of Christ.

How’s it going to happen?
When’s it going to happen?
Will it be just like the Left Behind series?
Will things get better before He returns?
Will things get worse?
Will there be a World War III or IIII?
Will I fly up to meet Jesus in the clouds or just find myself in His presence?

I’m sure you could add several questions of your own to this list. But, why do we have so many questions? Is it because we want to be prepared and in the know about this big event?

I’ve studied Christ’ return and I have an opinion of how things will happen, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be surprised or that I could be completely wrong. I think we will all be surprised and a little wrong about how it’s all going to go down. Jesus says that He doesn’t even know the time or date of His return, but He is coming back. If He doesn’t and is “ok” with it, we should be too (though that’s hard to do). One thing I do know and am certain of; Jesus is coming back! One thing Christ asks of us is to be watchful and diligent in spreading the Word and Gospel of our savior Jesus to the lost. God’s Word compares the Return of Christ to the days of Noah. During that time people were carrying on with their ordinary lives (marrying, eating, drinking, ignoring God). Nobody stopped to inquire about the giant boat Noah was building…well…when the waters came they became interested, but it was too late. I hope we don’t miss the boat. I hope we are prepared for Christ’s return.

- What should we be doing to prepare for His return?


Hoohah1986 said...

Good thought Tim. I think so many of us forget that Christ says to be watchful for the day that He returns. I need to be more Christ Return orientated myself. Thanks for the heads up Tim.

PFC Motyka

Shell*Belle said...

What God has called me personally to do while I'm in this "waiting time" is to live my life out to the fullest! Most people think this means, PARTY... or what can I get or what can I be!! Notice a common theme in that sentence though!! This waiting time isn't to see what I can do, but what God can do! It's not what I can achieve or get. Our time on earth is to be spent to worship our creature and to show others the love that He has shown to us!! :) (at least that's my opinion... i could write so much more, maybe I will write a post about it)

Tim Sheets said...

Thanks for the comments Ben and Shelly. It is good to be watchful and ready!

T <><

Shell*Belle said...

when i said creature i actually meant to say Creator! HAHA :) Makes more since now! HAHA :)