Thursday, November 16, 2006

Random thoughts on Genesis by teenagers

Last night we continued studying Genesis chapter 2. We've been hanging out there for a while (there's a lot to learn). I let my students share their thoughts last night and here's what they had to say: Hope you enjoy!

Man was first. Woman was second. God created earth.
- Makayla

I learned that God created us in his image so we are important. At first I thought who cares, people are going to hell. But I guess everyone is important and that we should try even though in Bluffton it’s very discouraging. I’m also learning more about myself and how I truly feel about things, but I’m glad we’re doing this because the topics are coming up and I’m trying to really understand things and not just blow them over. Even to change my view to what God wants and I’m trying to change my attitude a little bit.
- Rebecca

Man was first. When man and woman were created they were naked.
- Anonymous

I learned that woman was created by a man’s rib.
- Anonymous

God created dinosaurs. The world hasn’t been around for millions of years.
- Anonymous

I learned a lot of neat things from the Bible. I learned about the creation of man and woman and their fall to the dark side.
- Andrew

I learned in Genesis that Adam and Eve were not ashamed to be there. Genesis is also about how God created earth.
- Anonymous

So far I’ve learned a lot of things that God created that I had no clue he did. I learned more about Adam and Eve that was really cool for to learn about.
- Katie

Woman was made from man and they could eat from any tree except one.
- Anonymous

God created Eve by the pieces of Adam.
- Brandon

God created us in his image. He gave us everything on earth. When he saw that man was lonely, he cared enough to make woman.
Laundry is a result of the Fall.
- Janella

It’s not that I learned anything new, it’s that I enjoyed discussing Genesis with the youth group.
- Anonymous

The world was created in Genesis.
- Brooke

I learned how dinosaurs were created and destroyed.
- Kory

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