Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Snakey Dialogue (Genesis 3)

Adam and Eve hanging out in the Garden of Eden having a good ol' time! Then, out of the lush vegetation…a talking snake slips onto the scene and begins to question them; singling out Eve.

Snake: Hey! What's up Adam and Eve?
Adam & Eve: (Taken back and surprised a little by a talking snake) Huh!
Snake: Hey Eve, what's up?
Eve: Not much, just chillin and enjoying this beautiful day in this beautiful place.
Snake: Really? You and Adam are enjoying it here? Huh. Seems with all the rules and regulations that God has imposed on you that it would feel a bit…umm…restricting. I mean, is God serious about you not eating from any tree here?
Adam: (Contemplating the whole scene and remaining very quiet)
Eve: We can eat from all the trees, well, except the one in the middle of the Garden. God told Adam if he, I mean we, eat from it we'll die. I guess I'm not even supposed to touch it.
Serpent: Really? That's hilarious because there's no way you'll die just from eating fruit from a tree is there?
Eve: (Contemplating)
Adam: (Contemplating with a confused look on his face)
Serpent: You know what I think?
Eve: (Curious) What?
Serpent: I think that when you eat from this tree (stares at it for a moment), you'll become just like God. You'll know good and evil both!
Eve: What's evil?
Adam: (Still quietly contemplating things with a confused look on his face)
Serpent: It's something…uh…well…uhh…well it's something God knows. You mean to tell me he has kept something from you? Shocking! That seems kind of odd that he would keep something from you…doesn't it?
Eve: (Begins staring at the tree) Yeah, it does. I mean this fruit looks very good. I think it could help me learn something new too. (She reaches out and grabs it and pulls it close to her mouth)
Adam: (Still quietly contemplating while Eve hands him a piece of the forbidden fruit)
Serpent: (Grinning from ear to ear) *Do snakes have ears?
Adam & Eve: (Both bite into the juicy fruit (not the gum) of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and begin blushing at the realization they're standing around naked)

What do you think about the serpent of old's (aka the Devil) tactics in tempting man and woman? He's sly isn't he? How would you retell the temptation of Adam and Eve?

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