Thursday, November 09, 2006


What an incredible day yesterday was! We had the chance to see our baby using the new 4D ultrasound technology. It gives an actual 3D picture of the baby (I have video footage to prove it).

It was silent in the room while we transfixed our eyes on the TV monitors. Squirming before our very eyes was our tiny 4½-month-old baby. The doctor said she had big cheeks! She also advised us to buy some roller skates because our kid was nonstop moving around. The technology allowing us to look at our baby was fascinating, but the baby herself (not a slip, we’re having a girl) was indescribable. I thought of Genesis 1:26-27 where God makes man and woman in His own image. Part of being made in God’s image is our ability to create life. I’m blown away at life and how priceless it is.


yourblogreader said...

What a blessing! You and Trina will be great parents.

slony said...

Congrats man! That is awesome.

Rhett Carpenter said...

Being a dad is the best thing in this world. The bad thing is now you have to buy a gun and show it to all the boys!!!! LOL

Hoohah1986 said...

Tim, LOL, I have to say congratulations on the baby. Just remember that when she grows up, that there will always be an army guy that all the boys will have to answer to.

Peace out Tim

PFC Motyka

Tim Sheets said...

Trina and I are hyped up about the baby. She thinks she feels it moving around. Dr. told us to buy some roller skates because she's going to be a mover.

T <><
Thanks for all your comments!