Monday, March 09, 2009

Day 11/Chapter 11

Took a break yesterday. Losing that hour to DLST has messed me up a little.

Chapter 11 observations
- We have more repetition and reminders of where the Israelites have been and where they are going.
- God wants the Israelites to love Him with everything they got and serve Him.
- Obedience to Him is so important because this group’s children were not witnesses to what God did in Egypt (v.2). So, they could easily forget about the LORD and serve other gods. Maybe this is why there is so much emphasis on remembering the past?
- This going in and taking the land God is going to give them requires strength from above through obedience to His commands (v.8).
- Verse 19 reminds us again of how important a role the family plays in Christian education. Parents are to take advantage of every opportunity to teach their children God’s commands.
- You have the way of the blessing and the way of the curse mentioned in verses 26-29. They are to proclaim the curse from Mount Ebal and the blessing from Mount Gerizim.

God is thinking ahead in these verses. He is thinking about Israel’s children. He knows firsthand how easily the people of Egypt forget about Him and move towards worshipping other gods. If it is that easy for them, imagine how easy it would be for Israelites born after the exodus from Egypt? God is worried, I think, about second-generation Israelites. Why? Because of their parents. Their parents struggled (read Exodus and you’ll see how much they struggled) to love God and obey Him fully. So, should it be any surprise that their children will do the exact same thing? God wants us to have a strong and vibrant faith because it sets the example for our children. God wants us to be teaching our children by example. Children learn by imitating, but they need an example of what to imitate. If we have nothing to put out as an example for them, then we shouldn’t expect a vibrant and strong faith from them.

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