Saturday, March 07, 2009

Day 10/Chapter 10

I thought there was a great picture of God’s heart and love in this chapter.

Chapter 10 observations
- The opening part of this chapter is God’s response to Moses’ prayer in chapter 9. He doesn’t destroy the Israelites like He wanted to do. Instead he has Moses cut two tablets out of rock and gives him the 10 Commandments again.
- What is with this whole notion of God wanting to destroy the Israelites, but changing His mind? Did He really want to destroy them or was this idea purely from Moses’ point of view? Can a man/woman change the mind of God? Was this just God “venting” to Moses about his frustrations with the Israelites and Moses took it the wrong way?
- The tribe of Levi is set apart to tend to the ark, pronounces blessings, and minister before the Lord (v.8). You find out when that happened here.
- Verses 12-22 is a beautiful passage. You have what God wants from the Israelites (e.g., respect Him, love Him whole-heartedly, love their neighbor).
- “To fear him,” is to respect and know He is God and King (v.12).
- “To walk in his ways,” is to live life in Him. “Walk” is used in Hebrew as an expression for “to live,” or “one’s life” (v.12).
- “To love him,” means to put God first and cherish Him (v.12). They are to try their best at this. Obviously their love will be qualitatively different from God’s love, but they are to love him in the best way they can.
- “To serve Him,” is to put love for Him into action (v.12).
- “To obey his commands,” is to show love for Him that is from the heart (v.13).
- This chapter ends with a section I titled “Why you should love God” (verses 14-22).

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