Thursday, October 09, 2008

For young men only

Attention guys! Your guidebook to the thinking of the opposite sex is here. For Young Men Only by Jeff Feldhahn & Eric Rice is a book explaining what girls really think about men. This book is geared towards teenagers, but older men would benefit from reading it too. The book tackles the question of what women think about relationships and guys. More than 1,000 young women were surveyed for this book. The answers will certainly surprise you young men out there.

Here are several things guys think about girl’s thinking and how girls actually think.

Section 1: Abercrombie Boy vs. Our Hero, Average Joe
- Guy’s thinking: The best girls always go for guys who are rich and ripped.
- Girl’s thinking: A girl is most attracted to a guy’s hidden qualities.

Section 2: Why Good Girls Like Bad Boys
- Guy’s thinking: Girls have this weird attraction to “bad guys” who come on strong, then usually treat them like junk.
- Girl’s thinking: A girl is secretly afraid she’s not special or attractive, so she’ll be drawn to a guy who affirms her by pursuing her.

Section 3: When Girls Stop Making Sense
- Guy’s thinking: When girls get emotional and irrational, guys are out of luck. There’s nothing a guy can do but run.
- Girl’s thinking: When a girl gets emotional, she’s probably not irrational – and there’s a lot a guy can do.

Section 4: Breaking Up, Breaking You
- Guy’s thinking: Girlfriends are heartless. When they want to break up, they send confusing messages, then dump the guy with no warning.
- Girl’s thinking: Some girlfriends are heartless, sure, but mostly guys are clueless. Once you learn to read the signs, you can protect your heart – and maybe even win her back.

What do you think guys? Girls? Is this accurate in describing how guys think and how far it is from the truth?

Guys, I recommend getting a copy of For Young Men Only and sitting down and preparing for a shocker! This book has potential to save you from a lot of future hurt and embarrassment if you read it. The book is certainly easy to read and short (about 160 pages). There is even a conversational guide in the back you could use with a small group of guys for discussion. You could even ask your youth pastor to do some lessons on it for the rest of your buddies. This could get a good conversation going about dating and relationships. I see this book only helping anyone who reads it.
If you want to learn more about this book here is the website:

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