Thursday, February 25, 2010

Some good books and good coffee (UPDATED)

It's snowing up in the Smokies today. The view from my window is nothing but snow covered trees and mountains. Beautiful! What's even better is that I'm warm inside our cabin drinking fresh ground coffee. In case you were wondering about the view here you go.

One of my favorite places down here is a discount Christian bookstore. They have some great deals. I scored a few good ones the other day. Here's what I got (I hope to return and find a few more good deals).

I had to hit another bookstore down here and spent a little more money. Actually, I felt a bit like I was stealing these books because I got them for so cheap. Two of them are commentaries, one about studying the bible, and one on discipleship. You would be amazed at how cheap books are at these stores. It's awesome!


Nelsman said...

Now that's my kind of vacation! Family, good books, the Great Outdoors and fresh ground coffee.
Hope you have a relaxing time

Mr. Guthrie said...

Who wrote the book on the Sabbath?

Tim Sheets said...

Dan Allender wrote Sabbath. It is a part of the Ancient Practices Series.

Some good reading.