Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ministers & Mates Retreat

Down in beautiful Nashville Indiana for our District’s Ministers & Mates Retreat this week. the leaves, the hills, the perfect weather. Wow! Our first session was Tuesday at 5:30 at Salt Creek (just a stone’s throw from where we are staying, pictured above). What was the lesson? How to fish for bass in Salt Creek. Here’s some pics from that adventure.

We are having a great time. The kids are with grandma and grandpa. We started missing them as soon as we left.

In case you are wondering we did go to the sessions. They were good and focused a lot on building up your marriage. It's been fun!


Jay said...

This post is not complete without fish pictures! Stop holding out on us!!!

Seriously, glad you two had a good time. It looks beautiful.

Tim Sheets said...

When a fisherman doesn't post a pic of his fish it is for one of the two reasong:

a) he didn't catch any

b) he did catch some but they were kind of small and not worth bragging about