Wednesday, September 02, 2009

NIV Revisions & a hateful pastor

This is actually 2 news stories (neither are related).

Story 1
Just got word that the popular NIV translation is going to be getting a facelift. A newly revised NIV will make an appearance in 2011. Will you be ready? Here is the info straight from Zondervan's site.

NIV Revisions

To me, it just sounds like the revised version of the NIV is going to be the TNIV in disguise. What do you think? I hope so, because I really like the TNIV and think it is one of the best translations available today.

Story 2

There is an Arizona pastor that looks and even sounds like Jack Shepherd (sp?) from Lost that is preaching and praying that Barack Obama will die and go to hell. Here is the story:

Pastor hopes Obama dies

I remember seeing a youtube video of this guy several years ago preaching a sermon about how real men pee standing up. I kid you not this was a whole sermon!

So, what are your thought about this all?


Jay said...

That story makes me sad, disappointed, and a little bit mad. What a way to model Christ's example to the world. What a way to be a light to those around us.

I saw a t-shirt once that said, "God, save me from your followers." That "preacher" makes me feel that way.

Shell*Belle said...

Wow!! Yeah I remember this guy with his story about peeing standing up. I agree with Jay that it is very disappointing to see a religious leader come out and say this. This is why those that are following Christ need to step up their game and show the true example of a Christ follower.

Nelsman said...

Your timing fits so well! Our Sunday School lesson this last week included Peters teaching about false teachers and their motivation (2 Pet). I followed some other links on YouTube and found that this guy is really messed up.
I pray that true followers of Christ will be evident all over the Phoenix area so that this "preacher" will be recognized as a fake!

camcorbet said...

say has anyone told pastor shepard about the westborrow baptists or maybe the concerned nazarenes....the hate groups are always looking for new recruits...

Tim Sheets said...

Seems this crazy pastor struck a nerve with you all. It is an upsetting story.

Another thing this pastor is over-the-top about is using the original KJV Bible. I'm not talking about the one your grandma uses either, I'm talking about the one your great great great great grandma would use. His reasoning for using that verson? It is original and not tainted.

What!?! My thoughts are if you want to use the original you learn Hebrew and Aramaic to read the OT and Greek to read the NT. Because those manuscripts are the closest things to originals we have.

P.S. I like the pic Nelsman!

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