Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Day 6/Chapter 6

Chapter 6 notes
- Why did Moses have to be the one who taught the Israelites God’s decrees and commands? Verse 1 tells us He was directed by the LORD God to do so.
- The shema (means “hear” in Hebrew) is found in vv.4-9.
- There is to be a constant talking about God’s commands and laws according to vv.7-9. Whether the language is literal or figurative the point is that we are always to be aware of and teaching them to others (e.g. our children).
- If the Israelites are asked by their children why they have such laws and decrees they are to tell them the story of their time in Egypt.
- Verse 25 caught my attention for a couple of reasons. In the New Testament, Jesus taught a righteousness that comes from God that was way above our human attempts to be righteous. Here it is implied that by following the laws of the LORD one can possess righteousness. Is that a right standing before God? Is that in regards to the relationship one has with God?

Again you see the important role teaching and educating one’s children plays. Over and over the Bible places an emphasis on the parents/leader of the household as being the primary Christian educator. I think families today put too much weight in the church to do this. We expect, and rightfully so, our children to go and learn about God at the church, but it cannot stop there. It must come home! We have to be striving to teach our children to obey God’s commands. How does that happen? It starts with us. We have to be following God and obeying. Maybe this is why so many parents today don’t want to teach their children. Maybe this is why parents expect the church to do something and educate their children. So, what role does the church play in all of this? The church is there to equip parents and resource them in teaching their children. Maybe some of you pastors out there could share with us how you equip parents through the church to teach their children God's Word?

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