Sunday, March 01, 2009

Day 4/Chapter 4

Chapter 4 observations
- Here we are introduced to the introduction of the laws and decrees of the Lord.
- Other nations will consider Israel wise and understanding if they keep the laws and decrees (v.6).
- There is a nearness to God that the Israelites have, the rest of the chapter reinforces that through reminders, which other nations do not.
- These laws and decrees are going to be respected among others (v.8).
- Moses asks the Israelites to teach these laws to their children and grandchildren.
- There is a constant reminder to remember the past. To remember the “iron smelting furnace” the Lord delivered His people from (v.20).
- There is also a constant call away from idolatry in verse 14-31.
- Moses asks the Israelites to make the decision with their hearts who they will follow. Will it be God or some idol made from human hands?
- If for some reason the Israelites fall into idolatry they can seek the Lord with all their heart and soul and find Him (v.29).
- God is mentioned as being merciful (v.31) and loving (v.37).
- The Israelites are to “take to heart” all that God has done for them (v.39).
- Keeping the laws and decrees is a must. Our theme of obedience continues in this chapter.
- It’s interesting that Moses is God’s go-to-man in bringing the law and decrees to the Israelites. Moses had to know God pretty well to understand why these laws and decrees were needed. You even get a sense that Moses was following these laws and decrees before them (v.5).
- This chapter concludes with Moses establishing several cities of refuge (vv.41-43) and some closing remarks regarding the context for the giving of the law (vv.44-49).

Attention parents! Parents don’t underestimate the role you play in your child’s faith development. It is huge! In fact, I would say the primary Christian educator for children is their parent(s). I think Moses would agree with that (v.9). Do we really follow and believe this today? Don’t we naturally lean towards the notion that we will just let the church do it? Sunday School is great, but if that is the only time your child is learning about God, I feel sorry for them. That’s a measly 1 hour a week. To put that in better perspective there are a 168 hours in a week and your child is spending 1 hour a week intentionally learning about God. That just doesn’t cut it. No wonder so many people are Biblically illiterate. It’s time to take responsibility for what God has given us.

So, how do we take back our role as the primary Christian educator in our households? This is something I’ll be thinking of as I read Deuteronomy.

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