Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Day 22/Chapter 22

Chapter 22 observations

(22:1-12) Half of this chapter deals with various laws that are mostly related to interaction with others. Examples are helping your neighbor with his lost things (e.g., ox, sheep, cloak, donkey). God puts a priority on returning what is lost to its rightful owner. God does not want men and women switching wardrobes (v.5). Why? My presupposition is that it has something to do with role confusion and God wanting each person He has created to be the person He has created them to be. What do you think?

(22:13-30) This half of chapter 22 deals with various marriage problems of the day. Verses 13-19 deal with what to do in case a man lies against his wife by telling everyone she was never a virgin when they married. This is somewhat of a gruesome section in how it asks the parents to confirm the man as a liar (v.17). If the woman is lying she is to be stoned in front of her parents. If a man has an affair with a married woman, both individuals are to be put to death. Verses 25-29 talk about what to do in different rape situations. If a man rapes a girl pledged to be married he is to be put to death. If the girl is not pledged to be married and is raped the rapist is required to pay the father fifty shekels of silver and marry the woman and never divorce her (v.29). The no-brainer verse of the day is verse 30, “A man is not to marry his father’s wife; he must not dishonor his father’s bed.”

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