Monday, March 23, 2009

Day 19/Chapter 19

Chapter 19 observations
- Verses 1-13 describes the cities of refuge the LORD wants the Israelites to build as safe places for anyone who unintentionally kills someone. This is a place they can find safety from an accident.
- Verse 5 gives us a case study of an unintentional killing.
- There is a big distinction made between an unintentional killing and murder. Here, murder is preconceived. The murderer “lies in wait” according to the NRSV.
- When it comes to convicting a person one person’s witness will not do. There must be at least two (v.15).
- If the witness is lying, or proved to be a false witness, the people are to do to him what he intended to do to the one he was accusing (v.19).
- God is setting up this justice system among the Israelites to help “purge” them and make them a pure people (v.13, 19).
- There seems to be evenness to this justice system. You are treated as you treat others (v.21).