Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day 15/ Chapter 15

Chapter 15 observations
- Chapter 15 has three parts to it: 1. Debt every seven years/taking care of the poor among you (vv.1-11), 2. Servants every seven years (vv.12-18), 3. How to sacrifice the firstborn of your flock (vv.19-23).
- At the end of every seven years the Israelites were to forget about their debts with their fellow brothers. This seems to be limited to just within the Israelites (v.3).
- God wants there to be no poor among them. He wants every person taken care of.
- God says the Israelites, “will lend to many nations but borrow from none.” America should try that. Apparently God doesn’t want His people in debt to other nations (it might put them under another nation), but He does want them giving.
- God wants His people to be open to helping a poor brother or sister around them. He doesn’t want them to be penny-pinchers with their money, but generous. He wants them helping others.
- When someone becomes the Israelites servant/slave they are to allow that person (man/woman) the opportunity to go free in the seventh year. God asks them to go even one step further in that they are to supply this former servant with all kinds of supplies and send him off like Egypt sent off the Israelites (vv.14-15).
- It was important in setting aside animals from the flock for sacrifice that the animal be absolutely perfect. God want the absolute best set apart for Him.

God has a radical way of dealing with debt. What was He up to in regards to these commands? God was building Himself into their calendars for the long haul. What was God’s plan in all this? Freedom and forgiveness. You can see obvious parallels to what Jesus offers. Jesus came to cancel debts, but He also comes to proclaim freedom in the kingdom of God. He cancels our debt and frees us from slavery so we can choose to live life with Him. Are you ready to have your ear lobe pierced?


Jon Howery said...

Good stuff man. I have been increasingly more aware of how our financial decisions reflect our relationship with Christ. I have realized how much we need to really help other people with what God has given us.
I already have the piercings so I think I am good on that one.

Tim Sheets said...

Good to hear from ya.

I was thinking too that debt forgiveness brought excitement to some and worry to others.

Excitement to those who had a lot of debt to pay back and were struggling with that. They knew when that seventh year came around that their slates would be wiped clean. It also brought worry to those who had let others borrow money. Maybe they were in need of that money and would have to look to God to provide.

Well, good hearing from you. May we both honor Christ with our finances.

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