Thursday, March 12, 2009

Day 13/Chapter 13

I’m finding it hard to be consistent in this endeavor to spend time with Deuteronomy. I’m finding every reason not to have time to read. Sound familiar? I'm finding it even harder to write about it. Maybe that is because my writing skills are way above par and I can't put into words what I'm thinking. That is frustrating. You could probably reverse that too and find some truth! One thing I have discovered is that anything we set out to do on a consistent basis takes commitment and sacrifice. Give me persistence God!

Chapter 13 observations
- Verses 1 through 5 deals with how to handle a false prophet who would entice you to worship other gods.
- Verses 6 through 11 deals with how to handle family/friends who would lead you astray.
- According to verse 10, you are to stone any individual who would try and get you to worship another god.
- Verses 12 through 18 deal with how to handle a town’s/city’s rebellion. According to these verses they are to burn the city and everything in it and never rebuild it.

This chapter sheds some light on the reasons Jesus’ antagonists wanted to stone Him. They were just following the words in Deuteronomy. Jesus’ presented such a radical picture of God that they thought He was “enticing them to serve other gods.” However, I think if they would have inquired, probed and investigated (v.14) Jesus’ words they would have discovered Truth in what He was saying. I believe there is consistency and logic in Jesus’ teachings about God. It’s just a matter of sitting down and “reasoning together”, as the prophet Isaiah would say, over His words.

Why do so many people just walk away from Him or not even consider Him in the first place? I just heard that more and more people in America are becoming “unreligious” and walking away from religion. Why? Maybe we need a fresh picture of God. A picture so radical that we would fall on our knees and repent and cry. So many individuals throughout the Gospels (e.g., lepers, sick, mistreated, sinners) were given a fresh perspective when they encountered the Person of Jesus Christ. I pray that you (myself included) would encounter His Person today.