Thursday, March 05, 2009

Day 8/Chapter 8

Chapter 8 observations
- The LORD does not want the Israelites to forget what He has done. Remembering Egypt is another central theme in this book.
- The time in the desert (the 40 yrs) was a period of testing for the Israelites. God wanted to see what was in their heart. In hard times our heart is revealed.
- Their time in the desert was a time of reliance upon God. They became hungry and had nothing to eat, so God fed them. Remember the manna and quail?
- The rest of the chapter encourages and warns the Israelites to not forget about God when things are going well. When their riches are increasing and they have food of their own, they better not forget about what God has done for them.

How important is remembering to our salvation journey? We each have a particular point or a particular time we received Jesus into our lives. From that time on things were different. We were awakened. We were led out of captivity. God did a wonderful work in us. I can’t help but see parallels between our stories and Israel’s story. If you think about it long enough, Israel’s story is our story too, because we have been grafted into the family of God. God has chosen us too. Our heritage, our story to remember, is the story of Israel.
What do you think about that

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