Saturday, February 07, 2009

Scripture Reflection 002

Reflecting on Satan’s character and ways of deceiving

Welcome friends. Below you will find some guidance for studying Genesis 3:1-5 and Isaiah 14:12-14. Keep in mind that our enemy searches, like an empty-stomached lion, for Christians to eat. We need to be constantly on our guard, for ourselves and others, and on our knees in prayer as well as in the Word daily.

Some advice: Take your time this week (there are two passages this week), read and re-read the passages during your prayer time or lunch break, chew on them throughout the day, think about what is being said, and then try and work through a question or two. If you want to dive deeper, you can access some excellent free resources online to help you in studying these passages (i.e.

Guidance for studying Genesis 3:1-5

1. Read through Genesis 3:1-5 here on in your own Bible. What tactic is the Serpent using here on Adam and Eve in regards to deceiving them? Can this tell us anything about Satan’s methods of attack? Do the names “Deceiver,” “Tempter,” and “Father of lies” serve him well here?

2. What is the first thing Satan questions when talking with Eve? Why does he do this? What is behind his question to Eve? Was this a well thought out question?

3. Was Satan’s promise of what would happen to Adam and Eve if they ate of the tree kept? If yes, was Satan really lying to them then?

Guidance for studying Isaiah 14:12-14

1. Read through Isaiah 14:12-14 here on in your own Bible. Some of the early church fathers believed this passage to be descriptive of Satan and his origins. Others (e.g., John Calvin, Martin Luther) believed it to be about human pride. What prohibits a person from entering into a relationship with Jesus, Satan or pride? Why?

2. How does the statement in verse 14 compare to the Serpent’s promise to Eve in Genesis 3:5? Why would such a thing be sin?

3. In what ways is Isaiah 14:12-14 helpful in regards to spiritual warfare? Is there anything we can learn from this passage?


A member from class said...

Good morning, Tim,

Just completed the lesson. satan knows we are a prideful people and uses that to get a more substantial foothold on controlling us. Have a blessed day. Sharon

Tim Sheets said...

He does do that. Do you think he was taking a risk when he tempted Adam and Eve? Did he really think he could get them to disobey God?