Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Olympics: Teacher of the kingdom of God

We continue on in discussing questions about the kingdom of God from Dunn's book Jesus' Call to Discipleship.

What meaning has talk of “the Kingdom of God” today? Is there an alternative image or concept which would be more meaningful to people living in the twenty first century?

Answer: The Olympics going on right now in Beijing China give incredible insight into our understanding of the kingdom of God. This event can also give us something to talk about in terms of kingdoms and what they mean. One thing apparent throughout this worldwide event is that every person belongs to a nation, country, and/or state (= a kingdom). No matter where a person is from or who they are, they belong to some type of kingdom with visible boundaries and ruling authorities. This is one of God’s brilliant built in teaching devices He uses to teach us about His kingdom. We all belong to earthly kingdoms; He invites us to join and be a part of His otherworldly kingdom. His kingdom has boundaries and ruling authorities too. However, His kingdom is not of this world, so it is quite different from our earthly kingdoms. Earthly kingdoms are fully present and established. His kingdom is present while at the same time not fully here. So much to think about with this. As you watch the Olympics unfold, as you cheer for your home country, remember His kingdom is all around you and that you belong to something bigger.

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