Thursday, July 24, 2008

iBread 1.8

“God’s Word is food for the mind.”
Cyril of Alexandria

The Meal
Take a moment and read slowly the story of Genesis 32:22-32.

Table Talk
- Who is Jacob wrestling with in this story?
- Who does Hosea say Jacob wrestled with in Hosea 12:4?
- How does Hosea describe the outcome of Jacob's wrestling match?
- What does it mean that the man could not overpower Jacob?
- Is this a good thing for Jacob?
- What is Jacob seeking from the man?
- Why is that important?
- What does that man give Jacob in verse 28?
- Why is this important for Jacob?
- Do you wrestle in understanding the point to this story?
- Is it a good or bad thing to wrestle with what a story in the Bible means?

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