Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Going green (but not very fast!)

Well, I am now the proud owner of a 49cc moped/scooter. This is what I’m doing to cut down on gas costs for the summer. I live only 1.5 miles from work and this will get me back and forth pretty easily. I can also make some small in town runs. Here are some things (good and bad) to consider if you are thinking of buying one of these bad boys:

1. Huge gas savings! I’m working on trying to figure out exactly how much I get, but you can usually get between 70-90 mpg. I only have a 1.5-gallon gas tank. I’m hoping to fill up every 2-3 weeks, maybe a month?

2. Dork factor. There’s no getting around it, you look like a dork on a moped if you are over the age of 17. How do you improve this? Get a helmet with a full-face tinted shield (this way nobody can see you).

3. Helmet. You need to invest in a good helmet. Even though you aren’t going real fast, serious injuries can still happen.

4. Speed. I’ve had the bad boy up to 41 mph going downhill. Normally I run at 30-35 mph. You can’t go real fast on these things. I live in town, so I don’t really need to go over 35 mph. If you need to go faster, buy a motorcycle.

5. Weather. You don’t really want to be riding these things in a storm.

If you are thinking of fighting the gas war this summer a moped is a great weapon to use to do that. Who knows, maybe if more people start riding them, the dork factor will drop a bit (yeah right!).


Jon Howery said...

I don't think that you need a moped to engage the dork factor, but at least you are saving money.

Tim Sheets said...


Good one Jon!

That's why I didn't post an actual pic of me riding the moped; it isn't pretty!

T <><

Shell*Belle said...
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Shell*Belle said...

I want to see a pic of you on the moped! :) Just picture this: Bike week at Myrtle Beach (real bikes like big ole Harley's and stuff) and Eric and I BOTH zooming by on our moped squeaking our horn through the motorcycle parade! HAHAHA I wish I could have caught it on video.. and actually there were a few bikers who did. They were taking videos and we were definitely in the video squeaking by on our moped. HAHAHA!!!:)

Shell*Belle said...

By the way.. I like your title.. very catchy. :):) Love ya and miss ya! Give that little girl a kiss for me... and Claire too. HEHE:)

Tim Sheets said...

Just ordered some leather chaps.

T ;-)