Thursday, January 31, 2008

Laser tag...or something more?

Our youth group played laser tag last night. Despite the fact that this is a fun typical youth group-type event, it served another purpose for us; to kick off our new Wednesday night series on unity among Christians.
The different games we played forced many of our students to communicate and work together with other students different than them. They actually had to talk to and work with someone who cheers for a different sports team then them, likes punk rock instead of country, doesn't like pizza, and so on. There is something powerful that one experiences when people, with differences, work together for a common goal. The Bible calls it unity.
I was thinking about that and came to the conclusion that if we were all the same and agreed on everything all of the time we could not experience real authentic unity. Unity is experienced only when different people come together to collaborate out of love.
Your thoughts?

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