Monday, May 21, 2007


Went golfing today. Weather was perfect, sunny and 70! My score is nothing to brag about, so I won’t post that (I’m a newbie). I did have a couple sweet shots. I could hear the applause erupting as I landed a 200 yarder a few feet from the hole. I’m good at using my imagination.

I use to say I would never play golf, but when I was given some clubs this past fall things changed. I always thought golf was for old guys with nothing to do. Much to my surprise I haven’t seen the old gray hairs, but young guns eager to become the next Tiger Woods. For me, golf is relaxing and enjoyable. I’m in no hurry to become pro (ha!). I like being outdoors and golf gives me a chance to do that and at the same time be doing something. The courses (just a few) I’ve been on are beautiful. No wonder people like to spend so much time golfing. I know hardly anything about golf or the lingo used, but I’m learning. I look forward to playing more and becoming better. If I don’t become better, oh well, I’m still going to be having tons of fun. You can’t beat the fun of watching your partner (my dad) bounce his golf ball off of three trees and the golf cart and land five feet in front of him.

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Shell*Belle said...

Man I wish I could have been there to see that! I bet that was GREAT!!! Eric might bring his clubs this weekend and if you are available you guys could go! :) See you soon!!! Get that little baby ready!!!! :)