Thursday, February 08, 2007

Noah (Genesis 6)

Nothing fancy, just curious as to what you think about Noah?
- Who was he?
- How did God use him?
- Was there anything special about him?
- What does the New Testament say about him?
- What did Jesus think of him?

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Joshua said...

You know sometimes I wonder why it never mentioned or if noah had anydoubt about building a never heard of Ark object. What something like this could possibly do? Also I mean did he argue with god about cleaning up all the crap from the animals in the boat? WHat if he got down to the last to animals and he received two females. THat would be a dirty trick, but also a teaching tool from God. did Noah ever argue with God like we tend to? Did he do any of what god told him to do Half-way? THese are questions I have always pondered!!!