Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Nativity Movie

We saw the highly anticipated Nativity movie last night. Here are some observations:

- Acting was superb. Mary, Joseph, Elizabeth, Zachariahs, Herod, the Romans, the wise men, all done extremely well.

- The movie did an excellent job of showing us why the Jews longed for a warrior Messiah. They were rough handled and tossed around like old shoes by the Romans. When Mary's father didn't have the tax money and the Roman soldier seized his daughter (to turn her into a slave of some sort), I wanted a William Wallace (Braveheart) type character to show up on the scene and beat the crap out of the Romans.

- The movie did a good job of portraying the reaction of the family and townsfolk to the virgin birth. They were upset at Mary and didn't understand, Joseph too (until he was visited by the angel). Imagine the shame they tried to force upon her?

- I thought the movie also did a wonderful job of portraying life and daily activities in 1 to 3 A.D. We saw what their jobs were like, houses were like, how they all slept together in the main room (compare that to what Jesus tells His disciples in Luke 11:5-8). Good visual picture of Jewish life.

- Music was tremendous! Kind of a mix of hymns with other new scores.

It's a great movie! Go see it, who knows, we may end up with an Old Testament movie about David and his life soon.


hotpotatoeblonde said...

I thought you guys weren't going until next wed. that's sad b/c I wanted to go. oh well! hope it was amazing!

Christy said...

It was a great movie! It sure makes it easier to "understand" the story of Jesus' birth when you see it on the big screen!