Thursday, September 21, 2006

What Genesis is teaching me

If you think creation is beautiful, you should see the Creator! Studying Genesis has been rewarding and challenging. Reading and digging into chapter 1 has revealed several things:

1. Genesis 1 wasn’t written as a scientific document to explain in detail the process of how everything was created.
You can’t accurately use the text to answer questions like, “Did evolution occur?” “Is the Big Bang Theory true?” “Did God create our world in six literal days?” “How old is our world?” These questions go beyond the point of what Genesis is trying to teach. Genesis is a book about beginnings. It’s about our (humans) beginning. We see where we came from, what we’re supposed to be doing, and where we’re going. I don’t think I can argue against or for any of the creation theories anymore using Genesis. Maybe things did evolve over a period of time or maybe they just appeared completely formed. I wasn’t there and can’t propose an precise scientific study of how everything came into existence. However, I still blatantly reject the idea of humans evolving from monkeys on the grounds of Genesis 1:27,

God created man in his own image,
in the image of God he created him;
male and female he created them.

If we evolved from anything, it was the dust of the ground (Genesis 2:7). I just believe God created it all; how He did it I don’t know. The fact of the matter is, “In the beginning God created.”

2. Man & Woman are the pinnacle of God’s creation.
This is a statement I was a bit skeptical about. I questioned whether or not God really created everything for us. It felt selfish to say He did do it all for us. But, He did. If we weren’t the high point of God’s creation why would Genesis tells us that He created us in His image? Nothing else in creation receives this honor. I think of Jesus’ sacrifice and suffering on the cross, all for us. If we weren’t the high point of God’s creation why would He die for us?

So, this is what I’ve been learning and chewing on for the past month. Care to share your thoughts?


yourblogreader said...

I believe we came from monkeys.

Only kidding!! I just wanted your attenion, and I bet I got it.

God created man after his own image, and if we say we evolved from monkeys, what pathetic picture of God does this leave in our minds?

No, God is the one and only, first and last, alpha and omega and he is the great I am. He is to be feared and respected. He is holy, fair and just. And, he is not a monkey.

Good job Tim, you got me thinking.

Hoohah1986 said...

Pastor TIm your the man!!! I totally agree with your statement about humans being the high point of everything.
As I've learned in my life, everything that has happened, weather good or bad, has been an attempt by God to reach me, and or others through me. Its neat to think about how God lives in us and around us. Its cool

-PFC MOtyka- United States Army

Hoohah1986 said...

Preach it brother Tim!!!! Get down with your bad preaching self LOL.