Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A poem for Paul

Our Wednesday night Bible study in Acts has come to an end. We’ve learned so much about Paul and how he lived his life. If only more Christians would strive to live life with no regrets and totally sold-out to God. Would it make a difference? Oh yeah! I don’t know why, but I felt compelled to try and put Paul’s life into a simple short poem. Tell me what you think?

Paul’s Life

Trained by Pharisees and in his mind smart

A man of great knowledge, but lacking true heart

An advocate for learning, praised for his stature
He demanded Christ’s followers all be captured

Proud to protect that which was dear
He boldly persecuted out of a self-righteous fear

One day as he traveled to Damascus
A Light shown forth and he met his real Master

Broken, blind, and discipled by Ananias
Paul was now a disciple of the humble Messiah

Transformed from within and determined to preach
Paul set out to tells others of the life within reach

Befriended by Barnabas and an encouragement to the Church
Paul’s message of Christ crucified must be heard

He ministered in Antioch and taught others about Christ
Confess and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead and you will have life

After preaching and teaching God moved Paul on
He was now God’s ambassador to a world living in wrong

He walked, rode, and sailed thousands of miles
Always keeping in mind he must preach Christ to the Gentiles

He never forsook his Jewish roots
He loved his people, even when they falsely accused

Now on trial Paul appeals to Caesar
No worry, Jesus has promised him a new place to minister

Headed for Rome and shackled in chains
A northeaster wind showed that Paul’s faith would remain

Taking charge and holding onto God’s Word
Amidst and sinking ship Paul made sure God was heard

Settled in Rome and preaching without restraint
He will always be remember as one of the great saints

The End


slony said...

That's a good poem Tim. Keep em coming.

yourblogreader said...

Hey, I liked the poem. How about another one?

I'd like to hear a Snicker poem next. hehe! Only kidding.

Christy said...

You are a poet and you didn't know it:) Very good! If I ever do a study of Paul I might be knocking on your door to get permission to use that! It is really good!

Tim Sheets said...

Thanks for your comments. Sometimes I dabble in things I shouldn't, like poetry! It was fun to do! Thanks for reading and commenting! I appreciate the input!

T <><