Thursday, August 03, 2006

More on Felix (Acts 24)

A big thanks to all who went on and helped out with the Dirty Feet Retreat! It was an awesome youth retreat! I see God working in ways I would have never guessed!

Last week we began looking closely at the Roman governor Felix. We put together a character sketch of Felix using the Scriptures. The surface level observations we made help lead us to sub-surface observations. Sub-surface observations are simply; observations that go deeper into the text. They may not specifically be mentioned or addressed. You have to really familiarize yourself with the passage (by reading and re-reading it) and the book to find them. As always, the rewards are worth it!

Here is what others observed about Felix’s character from mining the Scriptures:

- John10 said, “Felix = A Roman governor dude who probably made good money and lived above everyone else. To some he might seem like a jerk I guess. He wanted Paul to give him money so that proves my point.”

- Yourblogreader said, “My impression of Felix is, he's a big chicken, only doing what others expect of him.”

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Here are some of my own sub-surface observations I make regarding Felix’s character:

Sub-surface Observations:

Verse 24-25 reads,

He sent for Paul and listened to him as he spoke about faith in Christ Jesus. As Paul discoursed on righteousness, self-control and the judgment to come, Felix was afraid and said, "That's enough for now! You may leave. When I find it convenient, I will send for you."

- Felix wanted to hear what he wanted to hear. He didn’t want to hear the truth as Paul proclaimed it. Why? Probably because he wasn’t living a righteous and self-controlled life. Then, when Paul moved on to talk about the judgment to come it made Felix queasy and he couldn’t stomach the truth anymore.

He also had ulterior motives for questioning and listening to Paul. The man was hoping Paul would offer him money. He wanted Paul to buy him off. The Gospel wasn’t front and center for Felix, he was. What’s amazing is that God allowed Felix the opportunity to hear the Good News. God gave him a chance for repentance. Did he ever take it? It’s hard to know for sure. From our encounter with him in Acts 24 it sounds like he didn’t care too much about it. I hope I’m wrong.

*I'll be back next week with a short review on Gutsy Faith by Jeff Edmondson.

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