Friday, June 23, 2006

Some Summer Goals

June has been a crazy month! Jr. High camp went well and I had a blast! This past week we’ve had district camp meeting going on. So, thought I would take some time to share some personal summer goals. Some of them are pretty ambitious and maybe slightly out of reach, but I like to aim high.

1. Start learning Hebrew. I’m exploring options for how to go about doing this on my own. Any suggestions would be welcomed.
2. Spend a lot more time camping. I love being outdoors, but if I don’t schedule time to do it, I won’t.
3. Do some landscaping around our house.
4. Catch at least twenty “trophy sized” fish. I love fishing and so far I’ve had a lot of luck with bass and bluegills. Biggest one so far has been a 13’ crappie.
5. Hike at least 50 miles of trails around Indiana State Parks.
6. Bike ride with my wife at least twice a week.
7. Play tennis at least twice a week.
8. Become better at basketball.
9. Memorize Psalm 63.
10. Visit some small Indiana towns.
11. Read 15 books.
12. Become a better communicator.
13. Finish some creative writing projects I’ve started.

I’ll let you know I did this fall. I’ll be back next week with another article on Acts.


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yourblogreader said...

Hey Tim!!! It looks like you have a lot to do this summer. How do you memorize scripture? Any ideas? I find it hard to do. I will pray that God leads you along......

ShellBelle said...

Hey you also better add visit Ohio!! :) We want you to come visit us again! We miss you!!