Thursday, April 20, 2006

Checking it with Scripture (Acts 17)

I’m rather happy over all the fuss about the upcoming film The DaVinci Code and the re-discovery of the Gospel of Judas. Why? One reason is that it makes us Christians really examine our beliefs. We go over all the basics to make sure we know why we believe what we believe. We get into God’s Word more to ensure we can explain our beliefs from Scripture. It also has outsiders (non-believers) and idle Christians (non-believers?) interested in the Bible and what it really has to say. What an opportunity for the Church to respond in love and Truth!

In Acts 17:10-15 Paul preaches the Good News in Berea. Luke describes the Bereans as possessing noble character (v. 11). They listened intently to what Paul had to say and they checked his message (Greek = Anakrino; to investigate or examine) with their Bible (which would have been just the Old Testament) to see if it checked out. And as a result of the message being true many Jews, prominent Greek women, and men believed.

What an example they set for us today. When we come across absurd ideas or a supposedly “new” gospel that is going to change Christianity forever (ha!), we should be like the Bereans. We should check what’s being taught with the Scriptures. If it’s not of God, He will tell us through His Spirit and Word. I’m thankful for Luke’s account of the Bereans and how they responded to Paul’s message.

- Any thoughts?
- Do you methodically check every new strange idea that comes out with the Scriptures to see if they're true or not?
- Do you think it could ever be possible for Christians worldwide to be duped into believing a strange new idea? Why or why not?


Tara Beth Moore said...

I really like what you're doing here... I enjoy reading. Keep it up. :)

Cecily-Sue said...

Tim, I read the book "The Divinci Code" as i was reading the book i had my Bible along side of me and if i thought something soundy fishy i would look it up in the Bible and be reassured of the truth... i also looked up some of the historical "facts" and found out they were myths... it was a good book and it also made me become more familiar with my Bible

yourblogreader said...

I think it is good for us (Christians) to question what the new movies and books are saying about Biblical issues.

Thanks for sharing and for reminding me of the fact that the Bible contains the truth and that we should keep our focus on the WORD.

Christy said...

I think it is important to be aware of what is going in the world, concerning Christianity. By checking a re-checking what we believe to be true, we become better grounded in our faith. My New Testament Professor talked, some, about the Da Vinci Code. He went over, with the class, how it couldn't be true. I found it very interesting and it made complete sense.

Tim Sheets said...

Thanks for all the comments!

I'm glad to hear your certainty about God's Word as Truth!

*To all the teens in youth group: We'll be discussing the Da Vinci Code for our topical youth lesson on May 3rd. I had to move it back a week because I'm still doing my research over it all. Please think of any questions you have about the book or movie and we'll attempt to answer them for you from a biblical perspective.

May Christ teach you more and more about His Truth as you continue to seek Him!

God bless!