Thursday, April 29, 2010

Play Day

Chapter 5 (titled Play Day) was a fun chapter in the book Sabbath by Dan Allender. If you missed chapters 1-4 see links below. Here are some of the highlights straight from Dan:

- Sabbath is a play day. A day to celebrate the superabundance of God’s creative love and glory.

- Sabbath redefines how we work, why we work, and how we create freedom through our work.

- There should be more risk and danger on the Sabbath than any other day.

- To see the day as a day of play we must give ourselves to something or someone totally. This can be seen as both a pledge and a betrayal. We are pledging ourselves to God and rest while betraying our commitment to work.

- To get more out of the Sabbath we must learn to desire more. We get of God what we desire. How much of Him do you desire? The more we desire, the better the journey.

- Sabbath doesn’t deny death, it seeks to celebrate life.

Short and sweet. Good stuff here.

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