Friday, March 20, 2009

Day 17/Chapter 17

I’ve reached the halfway point in my 34 days with the book of Deuteronomy. It has been a lot more interesting than I expected. I love watching and seeing how God provides and forms His people. He is trying so hard to create a people who love him with all their heart, soul, and strength (6:5).

Chapter 17 observations
(17:1-7) Chapter 17 continues that theme. God is working to keep His people’s focus on Him. He’s helping them be kingdom seekers. He doesn’t want them drifting away to worship other idols or be led astray. If anyone leads an Israelite astray, they are to investigate the matter thoroughly, have 2-3 witnesses, and stone the person to death. Why? God wants them to purge the evil from among them. This is how He had to work in this culture.

(17:8-13) We also learn that the Levites (the priests) can act in accordance with the appointed judge in cases that are too hard to handle. If contempt is shown towards the priest or judge the person is to be stoned.

(17:14-20) God obviously knows the Israelites will want to be like the other nations around them and be led by a king. So, in this section God gives them advice on picking a king. Choose only the king God selects. Sounds like some good advice! Then God shares what He wants the king to do. He wants the king to be very familiar with the law/His Word. He indicates that he wants the king to write the law and read it (vv.18-19). The promise, if the king does this, is that the king and his descendants will have a long and happy rule.


Jon Howery said...

That whole struggle with keeping their focus on God is still alive today. Look at how many times God tells them not to bow down to other gods, not to sacrifice to other gods, and not to follow other gods. Our struggle continues to be other "gods." Time, money, good things, work, busy, busy, busy.
Good stuff man. Keep it up. And get on Facebook and Twitter.

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